Top Medical Colleges In Jaipur For MBBS

Jaipur the Capital of the Rajasthan is considered to be the heartland of the State, and if you are someone who is planning to pursue MBBS from this city, then you have chosen the decent city of the Stated.

There are the numbers of the medical colleges and Universities, which are offering world-class medical education, and are producing the best doctors in the Country.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the MBBS from Jaipur, and we would provide you with the list of medical colleges in Jaipur.

Top MBBS Colleges in Jaipur 

We understand that it is a dream of every medical student to pursue their medical course from the best possible medical colleges, and considering that aspiration we are here providing you the list of best medical colleges in Jaipur. 

We further inform you that all these medical colleges are affiliated from the well recognized Jaipur medical universities hence you don’t have to be concerned about the scope of the MBBS program from these universities. 

SMS Medical College 

Location- Jaipur
Fee Structure MBBS- 246000 Per Annum
Contact Details 
Phone- 0141-2560291

SMS Medical college is known to be the 15th central point of medical education in India.
The college was established back in 1947 and is one of the oldest medical colleges in the Country you can opt for all kinds of medical courses from this college.

NIMS University 

Location- Jaipur 
Fee Structure- 16.8 Lac Per Annum
Contact Details 


NIMS University is the prominent and the private medical university in the Jaipur, which is known as the largest self-financed University in the State.

The medical university offers all kinds of medical courses such as the MBBS, dentistry program etc.

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College 

Location- Jaipur
Courses- MBBS
Fee Structure-13.8 Lacs Per Annum 
Contact Details-


Mahatma Gandhi Medical College is the other decent medical college for the MBBS program, although some student may find the fees package of this medical college as very high but seeing the level of education that is worth the price.

Geetanjali University 

Location- Jaipur 
Courses- MBBS 
Fee Structure- 16.6 Lac Per Annum 
Contact Details-0294-2500044


If you want admission into the best private medical college in Jaipur then this medical college surely should be in your consideration list.

Being a private student this medical college is known for its modern medical studies and the infrastructure. The fee is on the higher side hence if you can afford the fee then you should definitely consider it for the MBBS program.

Singhania University 

Location- Jaipur 
Courses- MBBS 
Fee Structure- 2.70 Lac Per Annum 
Contact Details 


This is the other private medical university which is well recognized in the State and is located in the 30 acres of the broad land area.

The University was established in 2007 and currently offering all kinds of medical courses to the medical aspirants.

Government Medical College 

Location- Jaipur 
Courses- MBBS 
Fee Structure- 90000 Per Annum 
Contact Details-

Phone- 0141-2601726

Government medical college is the Rajasthan State-based medical college which is located in the Jaipur city.

This medical college could be the best option for those who are aspiring to pursue MBBS but can’t afford the fee. It offers a decent standard of medical education.

RUHS College of Medical Science 

Location- Jaipur
Fee Structure MBBS-115500 Full Fee
Contact Details
Phone-+91 1412795624


RUHS University which is otherwise known as the Rajasthan University of health and science was established in the year of 2005 under the Vidhan Sabha act of the State.

This University is offering all kinds of major medical courses in the State through its various medical colleges.

So, this was the complete list of Jaipur medical college fee structure which would help you to analyze all the medical colleges and choose the best among them.

Best Private Medical Colleges in Jaipur 

There are many private Jaipur medical colleges, which are offering decent medical studies in the city and helping the aspirants to make their dreams coming true.

Here is the list of private medical colleges in Jaipur 

  • Jaipur National Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre 
  • National Institute of Medical Science and Research 
  • RUHS College of Medical Science 
  • Bansthali Vidyapith University 
  • Maharaj Vinayak Global University 
  • Jaipur Hospital of Nursing
  • Medical and Technology Institute of Nursing

Jaipur Nursing Colleges 

If you are a female medical aspirant and want to pursue your career in the nursing field, then here we are providing you the nursing medical colleges in Jaipur

  • Jaipur Hospital Colleges of Nursing 
  • Aadi College of Nursing
  • G.L Saini Memorial College of Nursing 
  • Tagore Nursing Institute 
  • Saket Nursing College
  • Soni Nursing School
  • Jai Durga College of Nursing 
  • RR College of Nursing 

Dental Colleges in Jaipur 

There are many medical aspirants who want to pursue their medical career in the field of dentistry program, and here is the list of dental medical colleges in Jaipur. 

  • Jaipur Dental Colleges 
  • Rajasthan Dental Colleges &Hospital 
  • Government Dental College& Hospital
  • Eklavya Dental College and Hospital 
  • Rajdhani Institute of Paramedical Colleges 
  • Maharaj Vinayak Global University 

Course in Medical Colleges in Jaipur 

If you are wondering as to what kind of medical courses are available in the Jaipur city that you can choose to pursue your career then my friend you can find almost all kinds of medical courses in the Jaipur city.

There are the wide numbers of the medical colleges in the Jaipur city, which are offering the courses like as below

  • MBBS
  • Laser dentistry courses for the dentistry medical field
  • B.Pharma
  • Pre-medical courses
  • Nursing Courses
  • Allopathy and Laboratory course etc.

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