Top Engineering Colleges In Agra

Agra is the city in the north of Uttar Pradesh State, which is well known for its historical places and the educational infrastructure as well. In the educational sector, you can find the world-class institutions here, be it in the field of engineering or any other domain.

If you are planning to study engineering in Agra then there are many options for choosing the best Agra Engineering Colleges. 

Here in this article, we are going to provide you with the list of various engineering colleges in Agra that you can consider for the engineering program.

Best Engineering Colleges in Agra

Agra which is a large city in the state of Uttar Pradesh is well known for its educational contribution to the state. There are many engineering colleges in Agra which are known as the Top engineering colleges in Agra and here we are listing down some of those colleges.

The list includes the names of B. Tech colleges in Agra and also all other engineering streams colleges name as well.

Institute of Engineering &Technology 

Location- Agra
Courses- B. Tech/B.E/M.E/M. Tech
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 72700 Per Annum
Contact Details- 

This institute is basically the part of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Academy and is offering the engineering and Management education in Agra since 1998. The Institute is hugely prestigious in the City and you can plan to study engineering here.

Sai Nath Group of Education

Location- Agra
Courses- B. Tech/B.E/M.E/M. Tech
Fee Structure- B. Tech/B.E- 70000 Per Annum
M.Tech/M.E.- 80000 Per Annum 
Contact Details 

Sai Nath Group of education is the private engineering institutions in the city which is offering approx 17 engineering and the management programs. You can definitely choose the one for you from there to pursue your dream career.

Chaudhary Beeri Singh College of Engineering & Management

Location- Agra
Courses- B. Tech/M. Tech/M.E/B.E
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 65300 Per Annum
M. Tech/M.E- 74800 Per Annum
Contact Details 

This is the other private institution in the list offering decent engineering education in the major engineering courses such as software engineering and other major science streams. The fee is reasonable along with the decent study infrastructure.

Hindustan Institute of Technology & Management 

Location- Agra
Courses- B. Tech/M. Tech/B.E/M.E/Diploma in Engineering 
Fee Structure B.Tech-1.02 Lac Per Annum
UG Diploma- 1.02 Lac Per Annum
Contact Details 

This engineering college is affiliated from the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University and it was established in the year of 1999. The college has a decent level of education along with the spacious lecture halls and all such other facilities.

Anand Engineering Colleges

Location- Agra
Courses- B. Tech/M. Tech/M.E/B.E/UG Diploma 
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 1.01 Lac Per Annu.
UG Diploma- 99700 Per Annum
Contact Details 
Phone- 0562-4056900

Anand Engineering Colleges is a private engineering institution in the city, and you can choose this college if you want to study engineering in private institutions at an affordable fee and with better placement opportunities.

Raja Balwant Singh Engineering &Technical College

Location- Agra
Courses- B. Tech/M. Tech/B.E/M.E
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 80100 Per Annum
Contact Details 
Phone- 0562-2636675

Raja Balwant Singh colleges who owes its name to the King Balwant Singh is one of the oldest engineering colleges in the city. It is affiliated from the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University and is offering the engineering education since 1985.

College offers the engineering program at very reasonable fee package and with great placement opportunities.


Faculty of Engineering, Dayalbagh Educational Institute

Location- Agra
Courses- B.Tech/M.Tech/B.E./M.E.
Fee Structure B.Tech/B.E- 51300 Per Annum
Contact Details

If you are looking for the affordable fee package offering engineering colleges in the Agra then you can choose Dayalbagh faculty. It is a privately owned engineering college and could be the best college for the students who can’t afford the high fee charging colleges in Agra.

This is the complete list of the engineering colleges in Agra and you can find all the major engineering streams courses in these colleges.

The list includes such as the civil engineering colleges in Agra and other major streams of engineering. You can also check the Agra engineering college fee structure in the above list.

Agra Engineering Colleges Course

As we have listed in the above sections of the article that there are the wide numbers of the engineering colleges in Agra which are offering all the major courses. You can easily find computer science engineering colleges in Agra to pursue the engineering program at the best possible prices and with the modern computer science infrastructure and education curriculum. 

As far as the courses of the engineering colleges are concerned you can find all kinds of courses here depending upon the engineering colleges where you are willing to take the admission.

For example in the Agra engineering colleges for mechanical stream, you will find the extensive mechanical engineering course and in a similar way, you can find all the engineering courses here.

Private Engineering Colleges in Agra

Are you looking for the best private engineering colleges in Agra where you can take direct admission to pursue the engineering program? Here we are providing you the list of private colleges and the list also includes the name of Agra engineering colleges for Mechanical.

  • Sharda Group of Institutions 
  • Neelam College of Engineering and Technology 
  • IIMT Groups of Colleges
  • K.P Group of Institutions 
  • FET Agra Colleges 
  • Bhavya Engineering College 
  • Anand Engineering College 
  • Sai Nath Colleges 

UPTU Engineering Colleges in Agra

UPTU which stands for the Uttar Pradesh Technical University is the engineering and the technical university in the Uttar Pradesh State.

There are many engineering colleges which are affiliated from the UPTU and the list also contains the electronic communication engineering colleges in Agra.

  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology 
  • Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Colleges 
  • K.P. Engineering Colleges 
  • R.B Institute of Technology 
  • Neelam College of Engineering and Technology 
  • Agra Public Colleges of Technology and Management

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