List of Top Medical Colleges In Kanpur For MBBS

Kanpur is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh which comes as one of the leading cities the State in the industrial context. If you are planning to pursue MBBS from Kanpur, then it could be not so decent option for you, as there are very few medical colleges in Kanpur which are offering the MBBS education.

Other than MBBS you can pursue all the major medical courses in the city and today basically we are in this article going to suggest you the list of medical colleges in Kanpur.

Top Medical Colleges in Kanpur

Well in Kanpur there are not so many options available to you particularly if we talk about the MBBS medical studies but yet you can find a few options there. Here we are providing you the list of Best MBBS colleges in Kanpur.

Rama Medical College and Hospital

Location- Kanpur
Course- MBBS 
Contact Details
Phone- 0512-2780882

Rama Medical college and hospital is a private medical institution and hospital as well. This medical college is one of the best private medical colleges in the city, which is offering decent medical education particularly the MBBS.

It is affiliated from the Dr. B.R Ambedkar University and is also recognized by the Medical Council of India.


Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College (GSVM)

Location- Kanpur 
Course- MBBS 
Contact Details 
Phone- 0512- 2535881
Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial College is a government medical college in Kanpur which is affiliated from the Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University and has been offering the medical education in the city since 1955.

The college is best known for its MBBS program and since there are not many MBBS colleges in Kanpur you can study MBBS from this medical college itself.

Insparc Technologies Private Medical College 

Location- Kanpur 
Course- MBBS 
Contact Details

Insparc is one of the few private MBBS colleges in Kanpur and is affiliated from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, and is offering the MBBS education to the aspiring students. You can find the reasonable level of quality medical education from this medical college.

So we have provided you the Kanpur medical college fee structure along with their contact details, and as you can see there are not so many medical colleges in Kanpur, which are offering the MBBS courses hence you are meant to choose any of these medical colleges.

Best Private Medical Colleges in Kanpur

There are several private medical colleges in Kanpur which are offering the different types of medical study programs for the aspirants. Here is the list of Kanpur Medical Colleges that you can consider studying the desired medical courses. 

  • SAALI College of Medical Science and Technology 
  • Naraina Nursing College 
  • Rama Dental College Hospital and Research Centre 
  • GSVM Medical College
  • Edutech Medical College 
  • Kanpur Institute of Technology 

Courses in Medical Colleges in Kanpur

You can find some decent medical colleges in Kanpur which are offering almost all kinds of medical courses to aspiring students.

Although there are not many options for the MBBS program in Kanpur, yet you can find many colleges in Kanpur which are offering other types of medical courses such as the Dentistry program, Dental courses, M.D and M.S program etc. 

You can choose any of these medical courses from the concerned medical colleges and all of these medical colleges are affiliated from the well recognized Kanpur medical Universities, hence you don’t have to be concerned about the scope of medical courses offered by the Kanpur medical colleges. 

Kanpur Nursing Colleges

If you are willing to pursue the nursing courses from the Kanpur, then there are some decent nursing colleges available for those and here is the list of those nursing colleges. 

  • SPM Nursing College
  • Anaya Nursing College 
  • Chandni Nursing College 
  • Naraina Nursing College
  • Ursala Nursing College
  • Indian School of Nursing
  • ANM GNM Nursing College
  • Alice Marval Nursing Institute

Dental Colleges in Kanpur

If you want to pursue the Dentistry program from the Kanpur medical colleges then, fortunately, you can find many options of dental medical colleges in Kanpur. Some of those major colleges name we are referring below. 

  • Nagar Ji Dental Clinic
  • Bansal Dental Clinic 
  • Pristine Dental Center
  • Harmain Dental Care Kanpur
  • Clinical Dental Courses 
  • AITH Dental Clinic
  • Rama Dental College

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