Best Colleges for MBA in Ranchi

If you are planning to pursue the MBA from the Jharkhand state then RANCHI is undoubtedly the best city that you should take the MBA program from. Ranchi is considered to be the heart of the state, and hence there are numbers of the MBA colleges available, which are known for their excellence in the field of business mastery.

Here in this article we are going to discuss the MBA program from Ranchi, so that the aspiring students can take benefit from this article.

Top MBA colleges in Ranchi 


Here is the list of top well known MBA colleges in the Ranchi that you can consider to pursue your MBA program. 


  • Xavier Institute of social services 
  • Birla Institute of technology 
  • Indian Institute of Management Ranchi
  • SAI NATH University
  • USHA Martin University  
  • Institute of Science and Management 
  • Amity University Ranchi

Here is the list of the best ranked MBA colleges in Ranchi.


  • Indian Institute of Management 
  • Xavier Institute of social services 
  • Birla Institute of Technology 
  • Cambridge Institute of technology 
  • Institute of Science and Management 

Any student who wants to pursue the MBA from any college definitely seeks the list of top MBA colleges with the fees structure. So here we are providing the list of the colleges for MBA in Ranchi with fees structure.


  • Birla Institute of Technology- 4.08 Lac complete fees package 
  • Indian Institute of Management Ranchi- 9.20 Lac complete fees package
  • Institute of Science and Management- 3.35 Lac
  • Amity University Ranchi-8.14 Lac
  • The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India- 3 lac fee
  • SARALA Birla University- 3 Lac
  • Xavier Labor Relations Institute- 14.8 Lac
  • ICFAI University- 1.20 Lac per annum.

List of Ranchi MBA Colleges 


There are plenty of the MBA Colleges in Ranchi whom you can opt to pursue the MBA program, and below we are providing you the list of major MBA colleges in MBA


  • Cambridge Institute of technology 
  • Ranchi University 
  • Indian Institute of Management 
  • Birla Institute of Technology 
  • SAI NATH University 
  • Institute of Science and Management 
  • DORANDA College
  • Marwari College
  • Xavier Institute of social services 

Best MBA Colleges in Ranchi without CAT and MAT


Generally the majority of the MBA colleges in India require either the CAT or MAT but there are very few private MBA colleges which don’t require either the CAT or MAT.

  • Xavier Institute of Management.
  • St Xavier College Ranchi
  • SAI NATH University Ranchi
  • Jharkhand RAI University Ranchi
  • GOSSNER College Ranchi
  • Birla Institute of Technology 

Well if you are seeking the list of direct admission in MBA Colleges in Ranchi then you are the correct place. Here is the list of those MBA Colleges where you can take direct admission without following any hectic procedure.

  • Ranchi University 
  • Central University of Jharkhand 
  • Xavier Institute of Social services 
  • Amity University Ranchi
  • Cambridge Institute of Technology 
  • Institute of Management Ranchi 

If you are living in the state of Jharkhand and aspiring for a career in the field of MBA then Ranchi could be the best city for you.   There are plenty of the MBA colleges in Ranchi that you can choose any of them to for the MBA program.

Ranchi MBA colleges are well known throughout the country for their excellent MBA program. 

Cheapest MBA colleges in Ranchi 

We understand that there is the category of the students who can’t afford to have the MBA program from the expensive college of MBA in Ranchi. So, here is the list of cheapest yet the best MBA colleges for MBA in Ranchi. 


  • Birla Institute of Technology- 4 Lac complete MBA program 
  • USHA Martin University-1.50 Lac full fees
  • Institute of Science and Management-3.35 Lac
  • ICFAI University- 3 Lac
  • Cambridge University-1.04 Lac
  • SINHA Institute of Business Management-1.70 Lac

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