Top Engineering Colleges In Kota With Fee Structure

Are you aspiring to become an engineer? And if for that purpose you are willing to choose the best engineering college in Kota, then you have arrived at the correct place. Kota is considered to be the top city in Rajasthan in terms of educational infrastructure.

Here you can find all the major colleges of engineering with all the branches of engineering, hence you can easily find the civil engineering colleges in Kota and also all the other streams of engineering.

Top Engineering Colleges in Kota

Here we are providing you the list of Best engineering colleges in Kota which are known for their excellent engineering pattern across the county and provide the best engineers to our Country. 

In the below-mentioned list of the engineering colleges, we have also provided the Kota Engineering fee structure, so that you can also have an idea about their fee.

Maharishi Arvind College of Engineering 

Location- Kota (Rajasthan)
Courses- B. Tech/B.E/M. Tech/M.E/Management Courses
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 71100 Per Annum 
M. Tech/M.E- 71100
Contact Details 
Phone- 7445122156

This is the private engineering college in the City yet it is considered among the top engineering colleges in the city. The fee is affordable which can be the plus point for the majority of the students.

Indian Institute of Information Technology 

Location- Kota (Rajasthan)
Courses- B. Tech/B.E/M. Tech/M.E
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 1.88 Lac Per Annum
Contact Details 

We don’t need to introduce Indian Institute of Information Technology to you as you know that it is the largest government engineering body in the Country. You can definitely choose it as the best Kota engineering colleges for mechanical

University of Kota

Location- Kota (Rajasthan)
Courses- M. Tech/M.E/M. Phill/Management Courses
Fee Structure M. Tech/M.E- 46000 Per Annum 
Contact Details-
Phone- 07442472934

The University of Kota is the decent option for those students who are willing to pursue their engineering programs at affordable prices and with best possible education. The B. Tech program of the University can be undertaken at 46000 per year fee.

Career Point University 

Location- Kota (Rajasthan)
Courses- B. Tech/B.E./M. Tech/M.E/UG Engineering Diploma/Management Courses
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 1.18 Lac Per Annum 
Contact Details 

Career Point University is the private engineering college in Kota but is offering the decent engineering education in the various streams of engineering. You can consider this University as one of the best private engineering University in State. 

Modi Institute of Technology 

Location- Kota (Rajasthan)
Courses-B. Tech/B.E/M. Tech/UG Diploma in Engineering 
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 63600 Per Annum 
Contact Details
Phone- 7445131788

Modi Institute of Technology was established in 2001 and has been approved by the AICTE. The Institute is working with a goal of providing the skillful engineer of future India it is affiliated from the Rajasthan Technical University.

Rajasthan Technical University 

Location- Kota (Rajasthan)
Courses- B. Tech/M. Tech/B.E./M.E
Fee Structure B. Tech/B.E- 1.4 Lac Per Annum 
Contact Details 
Phone- 744 2473861

Rajasthan Technical University is known to be the prominent engineering University of the State. It was established in the year of 2006 and is offering the engineering education in all the branches of engineering.

This is the complete list of the top engineering colleges in Kota Rajasthan that you can consider to pursue the engineering programs.

Keep in your mind that the above-mentioned engineering colleges all the major engineering streams such as the Civil engineering colleges in Kota and also the other streams.

Private Engineering Colleges in Kota

If you are seeking the list of private btech college in Kota from where you can pursue the engineering programs then here we are providing you that list.

This list covers the name of engineering colleges which are known as the Kota engineering colleges for electrical and other main branches of engineering. 

  • Career Point University 
  • Gurukul Institute of Engineering and Technology 
  • Modi Institute of Technology 
  • National College of Technical and Professional Studies 
  • Nimbus Institute of Engineering College
  • Presidency College of Engineering 
  • RN Modi Engineering College

If you are willing to pursue the engineering programs from Kota in your desired branch of engineering then you should visit the above sections of this article.

In those sections, we have provided you the list of colleges such as the electronic communication colleges in Kota and in other branches as well. You can check the list and then finalize the college for the engineering program.

Kota Engineering Colleges Courses 

If we talk about the courses of Kota engineering colleges then the colleges of Kota covers all the engineering subjects depending upon the branch of engineering. For example, if you are willing to have admission in the software engineering colleges in Kota then you would be provided the full course of software engineering.

In a similar way if you are willing to take admission in the computer science engineering colleges in Kota then you will find and study the course of computer science in the concerned college.

Engineering Colleges in Kota

There are plenty of the engineering colleges available in Kota which offer the engineering courses in all the engineering branches. If you are seeking for the B. Tech colleges in Kota then you can choose any of these colleges to pursue the B. Tech program. 

Kota Engineering colleges are known for their exceptional studies pattern along with the modern engineering studies infrastructure and you can choose any of these engineering colleges as per your requirements and choice.

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